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About Us

Local Tickets Sales is the first comprehensive one stop shop website that connects users to a wide variety of things to do.   LTS acts as a window to everything that is going on not only in your local community but in cities and towns across the United States.

Within the following six main categories:






Schools/Universities and Churches

we’ve included a wide range of venues, functions, activities, free events and things to do that are a click away from a computer, ipad or iphone. Doing a search has never been easier whether your looking for something to do locally or you have plans of traveling to a destination of your choice.

And for businesses who want to list, just go to “Post an Event” and follow the instructions.  No deadlines to consider and best of all listings on the left side of the site are free.

Finally, there’s a website where businesses can list their events, functions and local happenings large or small, that’s easy to use and easy to manage and is only a click away from customers throughout the country.

So when you’re looking for something to do come visit us at Local Ticket Sales because your hometown is home to us.

  • Local Ticket Sales was developed by James Sopchak who resides in Jacksonville, Fl. Since 1994 he has been the owner of Image Media & Marketing, Inc. a Direct Response Advertising Agency that specializes in Per-Inquiry Advertising.

With a proven track record of accomplishments he has expanded his entrepreneurial spirit into the world of ecommerce.  LTS intends on interconnecting a variety of things to do in cities and towns throughout the United States with users and businesses alike. With the formation of LTS, we offer an affordable alternative website for users and businesses where they can post, view and plan their outings at their convenience.


Mission Statement

The goal of Local Ticket Sales is to provide a safe and secure on-line website that encourages communities to advertise their local venues with the intention of directly interacting with their customers throughout the United States.